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Account Login Issues
If you are having issues logging into your account click the link above.

Boat Trailer Parking Permits
Parking permits for your boat trailer are required for use of any of our three docking locations (Botanical, Niagara St, Gratwick Riverside Park).  Stickers are $35 for the season for residents and $50 for non-residents. Daily tickets can be purchased at the kiosk located at Gratwick Riverside Park for $6 per day.  Trailers parked without a sticker or daily ticket will be ticketed by NT Police. 

Adult Sports Programs
For a look at at the adult recreation programs we offer click the link above.

Botanical Gardens
To be a part of the Botanical Gardens restoration click on the link below to connect with the NTBGO (NT Botanical Gardens Organization).

Deerwood Golf Course
Click the link above for details on our 27 hole municipal golf course. 

Gateway Concerts & Events
To view information regarding Gateway Concerts & Events click the link above.

Gateway Harbor Docks
Click on the link above for fee schedule and information regarding Gateway Harbor Docks

Gratwick Riverside Marina
Click on the link above to see details on renting out a slip at Gratwick Riverside Marina

Marines Monument Plaque Order Form
Click here to order a plaque at the Marines Monument located at Raymond Klimek Veterans Park (700 River Road).

Memorial Tree or Bench Program 

Looking to plant a tree in one of our parks?  Our tree planting program kicks off in September each year.  A list of trees available will be posted along with park locations.  You purchase the tree, we plant it.  Memorial plaques must be approved by our department.  Click here to view the approved type of plaque.  Email to get on the email list for tree planting or to inquire about the purchase of a memorial park bench. 

Pinewoods Disc Golf Course
Click on the link above to see the course overview of our 18-hole disc golf course.

Renting a Pavilion/Gazebo
Pavilion rentals begin February 6 (residents) and May 30 (non-residents).  For more information click on the link above

Reserving a Field
Looking to reserve a baseball or softball diamond for a practice, game or tournament?  Click on the link above for more information.

To be considered a North Tonawanda resident, you must live within the North Tonawanda City District.  Other cities/towns share the same North Tonawanda 14120 postal code (Wheatfield, Pendelton, etc) but that doesn't define you as resident.  Consider this when determining your residency..what city/town do you pay taxes? What school district to you live in? 

Seabees Monument Plaque Order
Click here for the order form to get a plaque at the Seabees Memorial Monument at Raymond Klimek Veterans Park (700 River Road)

Seasonal Employment

Looking for a seasonal job?  We have two waives of hiring--Spring (Applications out in February for Summer employment including Golf Course, Parks Maintenance, Youth Programs, Lifeguards, Sports etc) and Fall (Applications out in August for fall/winter employment including sports, youth center, etc).

Senior Center & Programs

For information on our Senior Center & Programs click the link above.

Special Event Permits
Looking to hold a special event at our park or facility? Click the link above for more details.

If your question wasn't answered on our website, please call 695-8520 x0 or email