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News: Pinewoods Disc Golf Course Closed until June 1

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Good News, Bad News and More Good News.

Let's start with the Good News-  Since the implementation of the restructured course and addition of 9-holes, the Pinewoods Disc Golf Course has exploded with life, and is always busy!  

Now, the Bad News: Because the course is so popular, the turf around heavily trafficked areas (tee box and basket areas) needs some time to recover.  Having the course open during the wet spring season would only further add to the turf damage and prevent any re-growth.  In order to re-establish the turf we will be closing the course until June 1.

More Good News:  During the time the course is closed, our parks team plans to make the area safer and more accommodating. We plan to remove some notable dead trees in the park.  Additionally, we will be removing the elevated stone tee boxes with ground level tee pads which should make for more stable footing for all players.  Special thanks to the WNY Disc Golf Association who has agreed to purchase the new tee pads for the course.