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News: Pinewoods Disc Golf Course Seasonal Closing effective until June 5

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3/22/2023 12:00:00 AM   

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The Pinewoods Disc Golf Course has exploded with life, and is always busy! That's great! Due to the popularity and heavy usage of the course, the turf around heavily trafficked areas (tee box and basket areas) need some time to recover. Having the course open during the wet spring season would only further add to the turf damage and prevent any re-growth.  We have implemented a seasonal closure of the course (March-May) to allow for the turf to re-establish and be ready for another season of disc golf!

Please also note when the course re-opens it will feature a restructure of the tee order. Hole #1 will now be what is formerly hole #10, and play will end with hole #18 which was formerly hole #9.  The flow of the course will remain the same.  The purpose of this will provide participants an opportunity to utilize available parking closer to the beginning and ending of the course. 

Thanks for using our facilities, and remember, share the park and care for the park! The course will re-open June 5, 2023.  See you then!

Click here for the updated Disc Golf Map