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News: Public Presentation: Community Forest Management Plan

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On Tuesday March 8, 2022 PlanIT Geo held a formal public presentation on the City's Community Forest Management Plan.  This plan is based off findings of the recent tree inventory completed in 2021 of all trees in the City Right of Way (ROW) as well as all park trees in the City.  

The Community Forest Management Plan utilizes the data from the tree inventory to formulate a working design for policy and procedures as it pertains to maintaining and managing the urban canopy of the City moving forward.  The plan highlights where we are, where we need to be and how we get there with respect to everything from tree maintenance standards and budgeting to community outreach and tree ordinances and policy. 

PlanIT Geo was the consultant who worked with the City on completing both the tree inventory and the CFMP.  The Tree Inventory and CFMP was completely funded with a grant from the NYS Department of Conservation.    

To view the final draft of the Community Forest Management Plan click here. 

To view the public presentation click here.